Rodrigo Duterte

Sara Duterte poised for Philippine presidential run despite strategic denials

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte and his daughter, Sara Duterte, continue to insist that she will not run in next year’s presidential election. However campaigns in support of her potential candidacy are growing and the president may have already chosen his daughter as his favorite candidate for the top post.

The politicization of community pantries in the Philippines

Despite its noble intentions, a community pantry relief initiative in the Philippines is not exempt from the harsh realities of domestic politics. Yet it continues to be a national symbol of compassion and solidarity, bringing out the best of Filipinos during the pandemic.

Southeast Asian leaders welcome Biden win with optimism

With the US election finally over and President-elect Joseph Biden set to enter the oval office, leaders across Southeast Asia have turned to what the next four years may hold for relations with the embattled superpower.