Prayut Chan-o-cha

Thai democracy supporters face harassment, arrests

Authorities in Thailand are stepping up harassment against supporters of the country’s pro-democracy movement, but the scale and scope of recent protests show this may only strengthen calls for reform.

Will Prayut last through 2023?

Prayut Chan-o-cha gets the official nod as Prime Minister for another four years. The military’s proxy party will likely finish its term, but the opposition has a responsibility to lay the groundwork for true democracy.

Thailand’s new King shows his muscle, is he about to take on the junta?

Thailand’s new King has rejected the junta’s constitutional amendments – leading to speculation that he might play more of a role in Thailand’s politics than his father. He needs to preserve the royal powers as Prayut’s power-hungry legislature encroaches on the King’s authority.

Prayut lashes out: Who’s afraid of the big, bad internet?

The Thai Government’s amendments to the Computer Crime Act represent their tightest restrictions so far on online freedom of expression. This is likely to be an indication of things to come as the junta prepares for a 2017 election, but hope may come from an unlikely source.