Joko Widodo

Southeast Asian leaders welcome Biden win with optimism

With the US election finally over and President-elect Joseph Biden set to enter the oval office, leaders across Southeast Asia have turned to what the next four years may hold for relations with the embattled superpower.

Indonesia says military will develop millions of hectares for national agriculture push

Indonesia has given control of its new national agricultural plan over to Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto, who stands accused of ordering civilian repression, torture and other crimes. The military’s control of the food estates program has increased opposition to the plan as critics voice concerns about the militarization of agriculture.

Why is Indonesia concerned about a halal COVID-19 vaccine?

Indonesia’s government is working to ensure that the country’s options for COVID-19 vaccines will comply with Islamic law. However, such efforts may end up eroding the public’s trust in the vaccine and undermine the country’s fight against the pandemic.

New poll asks: Is democracy working for Indonesia?

Survey data shows Indonesians aren’t satisfied with how their democracy is functioning during the COVID-19 crisis. As the country’s economy dives, citizens are questioning their leaders’ decisions.