Duterte versus Robredo: Who is the traitor?

Filipino Vice-President Leni Robredo may face an impeachment trial this summer after two complaints were filed calling for her removal from office. Her crime may have been telling the truth.

Why the Philippines should be afraid of fascism

President Duterte wants to be seen as a decisive and strong leader. His latest crack down on political opposition actually reveals his weakness, and worrying signs that power has gone to his head. 

Is Duterte pivoting back to America?

After the warming up of Philippine-China relations in the early months of Duterte’s presidency, the relationship is now stuck in limbo as the South China Sea issue rises to be a thorny issue once again.

Why Duterte will win the war on drugs

The war on drugs has come to a halt. The Philippine National Police (PNP) is undergoing internal ranks cleansing because of the killing of a South Korean businessman by rogue police officers. The odds are not for Duterte, but at the end, he will win.