climate change

Singapore trails on climate policy when it could be Asia’s leader

Singapore has become a straggler among wealthy nations in terms of its efforts to cut carbon emissions growth. Though the government has become a regional leader on some environmental policies, a new analysis shows its carbon emissions have grown faster than almost any country in the world.

Study shows Mekong droughts drive up carbon emissions, energy costs as dams go dry

New research shows hydropower in the Mekong region will become far less sustainable as droughts force countries to rely on coal and gas power plants, driving up carbon emissions and electricity costs. The findings present a problem for Mekong countries’ dam building plans, as hydropower appears far less green and less reliable than other renewable sources.

A green reboot for ASEAN countries

As Southeast Asia emerges from the pandemic, policymakers at both the regional and national levels must implement a green recovery to future-proof the economy and the health and safety of our people and planet.