A call for a more robust language policy in ASEAN

Policy makers in ASEAN have not addressed the complex relationship between indigenous, local, national and foreign languages in the region, resulting in inconsistent and weak language policies that threaten linguistic and cultural diversity.

65 years since Bandung: Indonesia’s role as a leader in international law

This month marks 65 years since Indonesia hosted the Bandung Conference, a ground-breaking summit between newly independent nations that shaped international law. As the Global South takes on a greater role in global affairs, Indonesia would do well to return to the principles of this historic conference.

Indonesia pushes coal in West Papua despite conflict and past rights abuses

Indonesia is bringing coal mining to West Papua despite an independence movement that has contested Jakarta’s claims to the region’s resources for almost 60 years and faced violent repression. The region also has a track record of destructive mining and gas projects that have brought few benefits to most local residents.