Thailand’s ongoing battle with its pervasive gun culture

Thailand experienced one of the worst mass shootings in its history in early 2020. However, with no major push to curb the country’s thriving underground firearms trade, the struggle to tame its violent gun culture continues.

Thailand’s protestors call for overhaul of monarchy, government

Thailand’s new youth-led democracy movement has held near-daily protests since July, demanding a new constitution, a new parliament and unprecedented reform of the monarchy. Parliament’s recent move to delay its vote on charter reform suggests the government is out of touch and doesn’t realize that the protestors won’t back down.

How COVID-19 wreaked havoc on Southeast Asia’s stock markets

A new report details the extent to which the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the region’s stock markets and how quickly those markets have started to recover. It offers some insight into how the region’s markets might handle future shocks.

Thai democracy supporters face harassment, arrests

Authorities in Thailand are stepping up harassment against supporters of the country’s pro-democracy movement, but the scale and scope of recent protests show this may only strengthen calls for reform.