Amos Yee: the childish thinker trying to rock a nation

Amos Yee is the dissident who made a name for himself with his controversial and seditious online postings, now sitting in an American jail hoping for asylum. He showed considerable skill in connecting with the public, but his sad and ill-thought-out message was always going to be his downfall.  

Shifting sand between Cambodia and Singapore: Why lawyers are now involved

The staggering difference between how much sand Cambodia and Singapore say has been exported from the former to the latter since 2007 highlights a tangled web of legal, societal and ecological issues that will take some unravelling. The numbers don’t add up and Cambodia’s ruling elite may stand among the accused.

The big healthcare issues that Malaysia and Singapore need to address

One of the few similarities between the healthcare systems in place in Malaysia and Singapore is that they are both facing considerable challenges. Both might be advised to take a similar approach to these challenges as they try to meet the health needs of their people today and provide for future care.

Searching for Singapore’s invisible opposition

Singapore has long prospered under the government of the People’s Action Party and few convincing opposition figures or groups ever challenge the status quo. Opposing voices always seem to be transient. 

Singapore’s big balancing act: the US vs China

Facebook0TwitterReddit0LinkedinemailThe waters of the China-Singapore relationship have been muddied by a recent spat, but there is no reason to think that the nation’s decades-long balancing…