Vietnam lauded for efforts to combat illegal fishing

Efforts to curb illegal fishing in Vietnam have drawn international attention from foreign officials, as the government in Hanoi adopts new measures in line with the recommendations of the European Commission.

How Indonesia’s national mapping project got off course

A national mapping project in Indonesia aims to use data to find solutions to land conflicts across the country. But indigenous groups say the government refuses to recognize their maps of traditional territory—throwing the land tenure of over a quarter of the country’s population into question.

Thailand’s ongoing battle with its pervasive gun culture

Thailand experienced one of the worst mass shootings in its history in early 2020. However, with no major push to curb the country’s thriving underground firearms trade, the struggle to tame its violent gun culture continues.

Will the UAE-Israel deal change anything in Malaysia?

After Israel and the United Arab Emirates reached a landmark agreement to normalize relations, it remains unlikely that Malaysia will accept Israel as a state any time soon. But there are promising signs that attitudes are shifting, albeit slowly.