Can Southeast Asia find balance within the US and China’s raging rivalry?

While competition between the US and China rages, it is unclear if Southeast Asia’s leadership can pursue policies that draw maximum benefit from both sides while ensuring their independence remains intact. The existing tensions between Washington and Beijing mean that leaders in Southeast Asia will struggle to find a position that pleases both partners.

Work resumes on China-Laos railway: Full steam ahead for Beijing’s Belt and Road?

Construction has resumed on the new US$6 billion China-Laos railway, a key piece of Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative, despite the deep impacts of COVID-19 across the region. But as the pandemic brings new questions about sustainable growth and resilience, it’s changing the calculus for the governments and local communities that host China’s new development projects.

How the US got it wrong on the latest South China Sea incident

The recent US statement criticising China’s actions in the South China Sea is inaccurate and hypocritical. It misrepresents China’s claims and blames Beijing for ‘offenses’ that Vietnam has also committed, all while the US itself has continued its aggression in the area amid the pandemic.