Oliver Ward, Editor (@oli_ward_1)

Oliver studied History at the University of Leeds. Oliver’s interests include environmental issues, human rights, immigration, and religious issues.

John Pennington, Senior Writer (@jspennington)

 John is an English freelance journalist, writer, and a self-published author. He graduated from the University of Warwick with a Bachelor’s degree in French and History in 2006 before embarking on a teaching career. He enjoys travelling, walking and cooking.

Skylar Lindsay, Staff Writer (@SkylarLindsay)

Skylar Lindsay is a writer and photographer with a passion for storytelling and languages. He’s worked on social justice projects in Southeast Asia and the Middle East and is probably on his bicycle right now.

Preetam Kaushik, Staff Writer (@kaushikpreetam)

Preetam Kaushik is a Mumbai-based journalist covering business, tech and economy. A former freelance Mumbai correspondent for Business Insider India and freelance journalist for, his work has been published by The Times of India, The Huffington Post, Economic Times, WIRED, and World Economic Forum.

Zachary Frye, Staff Writer (@fryezacahry)

Zach is a writer and researcher based in Bangkok. He studied Political Science at DePaul University and International Relations at Harvard. Interests include human rights, political affairs, and the intersections of culture and religion.

Maegan Liew, Staff Writer

Maegan studies Political Science at the National University of Singapore. She enjoys discussing international relations and seeks to better understand the world through writing.

Diesel C., Staff Writer

Diesel is an Australian-born digital marketer, e-commerce specialist, and  developer, with a keen interest in fintech, app development, and the ever-changing relationship between SMEs, the government, and the users they serve. He has many years of experience living and working in the Asia-Pacific region.