Skylar Lindsay, Editor (@SkylarLindsay)

Skylar Lindsay is a writer and photographer focused on development, the environment and conflict, primarily in Southeast Asia.

John Pennington, Deputy Editor (@JSPennington)

John Pennington is an English freelance writer and a self-published author. He graduated from the University of Warwick with a bachelor’s degree in French and History in 2006. After spending time as a sports journalist, he now writes about politics, history and social affairs.

Preetam Kaushik, Staff Writer (@KaushikPreetam)

Preetam Kaushik is a Mumbai-based journalist covering business, tech and economy. A former freelance Mumbai correspondent for Business Insider India and freelance journalist for, his work has been published by The Times of India, The Huffington Post, Economic Times, WIRED and World Economic Forum.

Zachary Frye, Staff Writer (@FryeZacahry)

Zach is a writer and researcher based in Bangkok. He studied Political Science at DePaul University and International Relations at Harvard. Interests include human rights, political affairs and the intersections of culture and religion.

Joelyn Chan, Staff Writer

Joelyn is a freelance writer based in Singapore. She graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Double Bachelor in Accountancy and Business. During her free time, she explores the latest developments in fintech and business.

Dora Heng, Staff Writer (@Dora_Heng)

Dora hails from Singapore but has lived and worked across Asia, North America and Africa. She is interested in how digital economies can support growth across Southeast Asia. She is currently pursuing her masters degree at Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Niranjan Marjani, Staff Writer (@NiranjanMarjani)

Niranjan Marjani is an Independent journalist and researcher based in Vadodara, India. His areas of specialisation are international relations and geopolitics.

Helena Kerr, Staff Writer

Helena is currently a graduate student at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She is interested in labour market growth and social protection issues across Southeast Asia.

Maegan Liew, Staff Writer

Maegan studies Political Science at the National University of Singapore. She enjoys discussing international relations and seeks to better understand the world through writing.

Umair Jamal, Staff Writer (@UmairJamal15)
Umair Jamal is a freelance journalist and a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Otago, New Zealand.