Articles by Umair Jamal

Why Pakistan matters to Southeast Asia

Pakistan may not be an attractive partner for ASEAN yet but the state requires greater attention—from its trade potential, to its security expertise and its role in geopolitics.

Does Malaysia need a better immigration policy?

COVID-19 has increased the risks facing thousands of refugees in Malaysia. All stakeholders in Malaysia should overcome their political differences to formulate a practical immigrant policy.

Can Southeast Asia find balance within the US and China’s raging rivalry?

While competition between the US and China rages, it is unclear if Southeast Asia’s leadership can pursue policies that draw maximum benefit from both sides while ensuring their independence remains intact. The existing tensions between Washington and Beijing mean that leaders in Southeast Asia will struggle to find a position that pleases both partners.

How is COVID-19 restructuring Indonesia’s militant landscape?

While Indonesia’s government struggles to contain the spread of COVID-19, homegrown militant groups are adapting to the crisis in an effort to gain a foothold and prepare for the post-COVID-19 period. For Indonesia’s militants, the current health care crisis in the country offers an opportunity to regroup and reform in a way that may not have been possible before.