Ketangkasan adalah kunci untuk mengekalkan bakat berteknologi Singapura

Terus menarik bakat berteknologi serantau bahagian, syarikat-syarikat Singapura perlu melampaui kod pakaian percuma dan tempat baristas. Syarikat perlu mengkaji semula hubungan antara pekerja dan tempat kerja.

Oleh Bridget Shao, Ketua Pengambilan Asia Tenggara, ThoughtWorks

Setelah membesar sebagai pribumi digital, millennials membuat calon yang ideal bagi berkemahiran tinggi, pekerjaan teknologi yang didorong oleh yang sedang tumbuh penglihatan Nation Smart Singapura - sama ada ia di dalam berteknologi seperti analisis data dan pembangunan perisian, atau lebih profesion manusia-centric seperti reka bentuk produk dan pemasaran digital.

Tetapi Singapura menghadapi persaingan sengit dalam mendapatkan bakat digital, kedua-duanya dari jiran serantau dan dari hab teknologi global terkemuka seperti Silicon Valley dan Shenzhen. A recent Randstand kajian showed that more than 40% of our millennials plan to leave their current roles to pursue greater career growth.

In order to stay competitive and continue to attract top regional talent, many Singaporean companies are adopting popular workplace practices, including open offices, free dress codes, and employing in-house baristas, sommeliers and masseurs.

Walau bagaimanapun, while these practices have shown to be effective, they will not be sufficient in the long-term to retain the top tech talent. As more companies pick them up and these become the new normal, Singaporean firms will need to come up with novel and innovative ways to attract tech talent.

Agile workplaces could be the answer

Singapore’s employers could instead explore the methodologies employed by software development companies to stand out to prospective employees. Of particular note is the practice of “agile” workplaces. Initially popularised by software developers to better respond to the rapidly changing demands of programming. The technology sector quickly caught on and agile workplaces sprang up across the tech employment landscape, with the aim of empowering more motivated, productive and collaborative individuals, as well as driving more efficient and effective ways of working.

While allowing employees to choose where, when and how they want to work is a key feature of agile working, there are no prescriptive methods. sebaliknya, the notion is centred around a set of general guidelines.

tempat kerja tangkas memeluk individu

ThoughtWorks’ pejabat London.

Setiap pekerja mempunyai cara mereka sendiri untuk bekerja dan tinggal produktif, terutama Gen Z dan pekerja milenium yang mengutamakan keseimbangan dalam kerja dan kehidupan peribadi untuk meneruskan gaya hidup yang dikehendaki mereka. tempat kerja tangkas menggalakkan ini dan meluluskan dasar tempat kerja untuk memenuhi kehendak mereka di mana mungkin.

masa kerja yang fleksibel semakin popular kerana mereka membenarkan pekerja untuk mengawal diri jadual mereka dan pelbagai komitmen Mengimbangi dan kepentingan. penyelidikan dijalankan oleh Mercer menyokong trend ini, dengan lebih daripada separuh daripada pekerja ditinjau menunjukkan bahawa mereka mahu syarikat mereka untuk menawarkan pilihan kerja yang lebih fleksibel. proses tegar dan alat tidak lagi mempunyai tempat dalam melibatkan tenaga kerja digital hari ini.

Serba boleh diutamakan lebih pakar

Technology is evolving so rapidly that it is crucial to have diverse technical expertise and extensive, dan mengekalkan tumbuhan dengan selamat. Today’s tech talent is acutely aware of this, and younger employees are always looking for learning and professional development opportunities.

Autonomy should also be given to employees who want to pursue learning or passion projects – particularly for specific capabilities like artificial intelligence – that contribute to the expansion of their skillsets. Such initiatives equip them with the capability to respond to rapid demand shifts in the fast-paced tech sector, while also meaningfully empowering and engaging them.

Collaboration is favoured over negotiation

Agile approaches encourage the individual to be independent, yet collaborative and flexible, capable of leveraging efficient responsibility distribution and flatter hierarchies to drive the best outcomes. Begitu juga, an agile organisation with a well-articulated culture will strongly appeal to millennials who not only want to do well in their careers, but also want to feel that they are contributing to the goals of a like-minded community.

Local organisations need to develop a continuous and flexible talent development strategy that is capable of responding and adapting quickly to employees’ immediate needs and priorities. misalnya, when setting up career goals, an agile approach which divides up bigger long-term goals into smaller, more manageable ones, will allow employees to chart their continued progression, celebrate their career successes, and motivate them to continue developing their career within the organisation.

How can tech firms implement these principles?

With tech talent demand outstripping supply, employees with digital capabilities are headhunted on a regular basis. Singaporean employers need to consistently engage their workforce to pull ahead in the talent race.

Some of the best ways to better engage today’s tech talent are to invest in learning and development opportunities and entrust them with more independence and responsibilities to take on new challenges.

Investing in overseas initiatives for employees to work, rangkaian, and spur learning and development, provides a fresh challenge and exposure to international collaboration. misalnya, at ThoughtWorks, new hires from the Singapore office are given the chance to attend a five-week crash-course programme in China or India to gain exposure to different workplace challenges and form a network of mentors and peers that can help provide future development opportunities.

An empowered and self-regulated workforce can also be leveraged in the form of organisational ambassadors. Muda, talented company advocates can help connect with and attract other young talents. Millennials value genuine human relationships and sharing best practices to help one another learn. The Women Who Code bootcamps are one example of how ambassadors are being effectively deployed in the search for new tech talent. Hosted by female software developers, the camps are inspiring more young women to consider technology careers and connecting capable talent to local companies.  

Not all the agile principles need to be applied equally to secure the best tech talent. But for most young workers today, they embody within themselves the characteristics of an ideal workplace – technologically savvy, collaborative and inclusive, adaptable and flexible. Success in the quest for tech talent will thus require employers to be willing to acknowledge newer, human-centric approaches to work, and have the appetite and agility to respond decisively and effectively to accelerated change.