Bomb explosions and gunshots shake Jakarta

A series of explosions, suspected to be bombs were heard and scenes captured on camera, in Sarinah, Central Jakarta just after 11.00 am. Gun shots were also heard in between the explosions.

According to witnesses, up to seven separate explosions were heard. The first three explosions destroyed a police post in the Sarinah area, while the other explosions were reportedly seen at the parking area of a starbucks cafe and another police post in the Palmerah area, in West Jakarta.

Initial reports say around 10-14 unknown men are suspected to be behind the attack. Three people are reported to have died in the Sarinah police post attack. Other victims are yet to be identified. As many as five ambulances are being deployed for the victims.


Editor’s update: seven died including five of the attackers and two civilians in the attack and ensuing gun battle with the police according to Security Minister Luhut Panjaitan. Jakarta police spokesman Muhammad Iqbal said that the attack was over.