Isabel Yeo, editor, reads Political Science in the National University of Singapore. She is interested in regional dynamics of Southeast Asia and its interaction with global powers. Curious about the world around her, she has probably travelled to most of the countries she writes about.

Alex Lew, CFA, fintech editor and researcher, graduated from St. Hugh’s College, University of Oxford.

Joelyn Chan, business editor, pursued a Double Degree in Accountancy and Business at Nanyang Technological University. Having grown up in tiny Singapore, she is intrigued by world happenings and its ability to transcend geographical boundaries.

Fiona Ophelia, senior writer, is an expert in visual communication. She studied Visual and Design Communications majoring in the field of Cultural Issues. She is also a keen observer of Asean politics.

John Pennington, writer and researcheris an English freelance journalist, writer, and a self-published author. He graduated from the University of Warwick with a Bachelor’s degree in French and History in 2006 before embarking on a teaching career. He quickly changed paths to work in sports journalism and then digital marketing. Having diversified again and entered the world of freelancing, he continues to write about sports as well as politics, history and social affairs. He enjoys travelling, walking and cooking.

Oliver Ward, writer and researcher, studied History at the University of Leeds, specializing in the Vietnam and Korean Wars. He now writes about foreign policy and politics in Southeast Asia. Oliver’s interests include trade, economics and religious and ethnic issues.

Sirisha Veera, writer, studies law in National Law University, Vishakapatnam. She currently writes about international relations among Southeast Asian countries. Her inquisitiveness is what keeps her rooted to writing.